eSpective Data Management Software

A Cloud-Based Solution for Organizing, Analyzing, and Aggregating Data

eSpective Point Cloud with Tools

You have specific needs, we have proven solutions.

Quadcopter developed eSpective to maximize efficiency and save cost for our clients. eSpective is a cloud based software that handles all of your collected data and organizes it in a user friendly portal. You now have a home for all of your jobs information to help manage your project.


With state of the art imaging equipment and well trained geospatial professionals, we can obtain quality data collection.

Capturing the necessary images right the first time reduces cost and any workflow disruptions.
Drone Data Post Processing


Using advanced methods in image post-processing for accurate, high-resolution, data product generation.

With many years of experience we have developed techniques for success.


Projects are finalized and delivered through our information portal for easy access.

Once logged in you can view, analyze, download, and manage your content.
3D Drone Modeling


eSpective uses advanced tools to provide change detection and progress reporting.

Packed with tools for volumetric measurements, area calculations, a profile terrain modeler, and more.
eSpective Track Change over time
Visualize your data in eSpective Data management Solution


A user-friendly interface delivers interactive media, orthomosaic images, and 3D point cloud visualization.

With built in reporting functions you can streamline your organizational process. Use your data to hold subcontractors responsible, make critical decisions, and reference past projects for future plans.

Count on Quadrocopter when you need reliable industry solutions and analytics tailored to the specific need of your business.

eSpective Features

  • Big data aggregation
  • Point cloud viewer / editor
  • 3D model viewer
  • Distance, Area, Volume, Geometry and Path Profile
  • Raw data downloader
  • Processed data downloader
  • Flyview function for easy image recollection through geolocation
  • Job tracking and documentation
  • Unlimited storage
  • Blueprint overlay
  • 3D CAD Model
  • Slider comparison tool

How eSpective Helps Your Process

  • Quickly and easily view and share data
  • Easy-to-use measurement tools for data analysis
  • Simple and secure asset management
  • Keep Management and Sub-Contractors on the same page
  • Increase job organization and transparency
  • Reduce potential data loss and error
  • Increased security and loss prevention
  • Fast and reliable business intelligence
  • Time and cost effective results
  • Complete and comprehensive end-to-end solution