DJI Wind 4 Customization Platforms

DJI Wind 4 and DJI Wind 8: Two new drones allow developers to customize them for complex tasks, such as those requiring unique sensor payloads or increased stability in challenging weather conditions. 

DJI Wind 4 can carry payloads up to nearly 30 pounds (13.5 kg), while DJI Wind 8 is built on an eight-armed octocopter platform for superior control and redundancy.

Quadrocopter recently had the opportunity to put the Wind 4 up in the air. This is one of DJI's latest enterprise platforms allowing pilot's to have even more selection of air frames to meet their application needs. 

How long will it fly and how much can it lift? We utilized a 1 battery setup in our testing, powered by the DJI DZ-1200 flight pack. This is the same battery used to power the AGRAS MG1-S and the Wind 8. This provided us with an easy 30 minute flight time, but keep in mind we were only hanging the Zenmuse Z3. I trust with a few more pounds hanging below you would be looking somewhere in the 20 minute range, leaving plenty of juice to safely return home and land. You can also utilize a dual battery setup giving you some additional flight time. 
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