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Our Mission:

Established over 7 years ago, Quadrocopter began as a one stop solution for drones sales, support and training with a focus on aerial cinematography equipment. As a leader in the sUAS industry, we have recently transitioned into multiple industry verticals providing  support using custom sUAS in mapping and survey.  We also provide a data post-processing and management solutions.


• 1999 Jeff starts attaching cameras to single rotor R/C Helicopters
• 2006: Flori starts as support web site multirotor platforms
• 2010: Adam and Flori found Quadrocopter LLC and start the Quadrocopter online store.
• 2013: Quadrocopter breaks 2,500 RTF multi-rotor's sold
• 2014: Quadrocopter begins offering familiarization classes to is 9,500 + customers
• 2015: Quadrocopter has big plans expanding the familiarization class schedules world wide to our 9,500 + customers
• 2016: Quadrocopter expands Professional UAV Training, sells and supports FreeFly Systems Alta, changing the world of heavy lift Drones.
• 2016: Quadrocopter leads the DJI Enterprise Dealers and expands into the Industrial world that benefits from drone use.
• 2017: Quadrocopter adds a Las Vegas Office, specializing in Mapping and Industrial Solutions, providing training and consulting solutions.

Jeff Scholl - Chief Engineer, Full Scale Pilot, sUAV Pilot & Specialist

Jeff Scholl since a young age has been absorbed with flying devices. Flying full scale planes at age 16 was no small task. Jeff continued his love for aviation and holds a commercial instrument rating on full scale aircraft. With his passion for aerospace, came his passion for photography. In the late 90s, he started thinking about putting cameras on his flying machines. A Nikon 990 was the first digital camera that went up in the air. It unleashed the possibility of unobstructed views. Since that time in the 90’s Jeff has developed several different HeliCam platforms. Specially configured electric helicopter camera ships, enables him to capture photographic video angles never before seen.

Jeff’s obsession is capturing creative perspectives between 10 and 400 feet and designing the best flying device to capture them.

Jeff joined forces with Quadrocopter in 2010, sharing his knowledge in this industry and helping others achieve high quality aerial perspectives.

Photo by Aaric Bryan - Daily Interlake

Adele Scholl - Sales and Marketing

Obsessed with aerial angles, Adele Scholl has been involved in the UAS before a drone was a drone. Over 16 years ago, she and her husband Jeff Scholl, started capturing content from the sky. Working as a camera man and Visual Observer, allows Adele to experience all aspects of the UAS industry. She researched and submitted to the FAA an application for a 333 exemption, for her filming company GravityShots, and was awarded an FAA 333 exemption early on. From keeping up with the FAA regulations, and working directly with the FAA to help create fair and safe regulations, to producing the highest quality content are a few of her passions.

Her experience in the UAS and filming industry, led to her Quadrocopter, a sales, support and training facility for drones and UAS platforms. Marketing, purchasing and sales are a few of her daily duties at the QC headquarters. Adele enjoys talking to the customers, finding the exact systems that will fit their needs and the applications that they are created for. Adele finds herself researching products and staying on top of the cutting edge of technology, to provide top notch customer support to clientele from all around the world.

Henry Valentino -Director of Sales, Full Scale Pilot

Henry has more than 26 years of experience in building, financing and managing companies in the data communications, telecommunications, streaming media and retail management industries. He founded, built and sold several innovative technology companies.

For over 20 years, Henry has been a private pilot and owned his own planes. Together with his business background and aviation history, he joined the team at Quadrocopter. Seeing the sky as the limit, he is excited to see this industry grow and evolve.

Charles Devaney - VP of Enterprise Business Development

Charles is a VP of Enterprise Business Development at Quadrocopter. He also serves as international liaison to UAS Ops for research, humanitarian assistance and disaster response at Skyeye in the Philippines. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Geography specializing in geographic information science and remote sensing. He also completed his Master's in Geography at the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a focus on geospatial technologies. He has six years of experience using unmanned systems in multiple applications and disciplines including coastal geomorphology and HA/DR. Charles spent three months in the Visayas Region of the Philippine archipelago building, operating and maintaining unmanned systems during image acquisition efforts in response to the Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. He also directed the post-processing of imagery and dissemination of the map products generated from the imagery. He built, maintained and operated a UAS fleet that was well received at the 2016 Trident Spectre Navy Special Warfare Exercise. He has also worked with the US Army Natural Resource Division on the Island of Oahu using UAS to detect invasive flora and fauna. Charles was the recipient of the award for the best innovation at the 2013 Global Innovations Forum at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington D.C. He was awarded the 2014 Graduate Scholarship for his work in the Philippines for excellence in the use of geospatial data by the Hawaii Geographic Information Coordinating Council and he also presented his work at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He was also the recipient of the 2014 National Drone Social Innovation Award. Charles serves on the advisory board for the Humanitarian UAV Network ( He also presented at the 2014 Humanitarian UAV Experts Meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. He received his FAA Remote Pilot rating August 31st, 2016. As a geoscientist he enjoys mapping landscapes using multiple methodologies. Charles is an avid outdoorsmen and is a certified rescue and master scuba diver.

Adam Paugh - Founder

“I like to describe Quadrocopter as a systems integrator. We take the best frame systems, the best flight systems, the best blades and the best cameras and we put it all together,” Paugh said. “We basically take the best ingredients and make the best stews.”

Words by By Justin Franz | Flathead Beacon

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