QuadroPower 6200mAh (4s) RC Lipo Battery

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QuadroPower 6200mAh (4s) RC Lipo Battery
QuadroPower 6200 mAh Lipo Battery
Description Quadrocopter is proud to announce our new lithium polymer battery product line. QuadroPower lipo batteries are especially developed for use on multi-rotor platforms. Their exceptional weight to power ratio makes them the only choice for your flying machines.

Technical Info:
• Capacity: 6200+ mAh
• Voltage: 14.8V (4S)
• Size: 146 * 44 * 40mm (L * W * H)
• Weight: 580g
• Discharge rate: 25C Continuous; 50C Burst
• Charge rate: 5C charging acceptable
• Plug: Dean
• Balancer End: JST XH

Best suited for full-size multi-rotor Mikrokopters:
XL HexaKopter
XL OktoKopter

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Customer Reviews Rating Very good Quality
So far this are the best batteries I have used. No hard voltage drops and no puffing so far. A must have if you are thinking of flying several thousand dollar equipment.

Reviewed by: from Colombia on 8/29/2012

Rating good
These work awesome. One concern I use 60% before i charge again and my oldest battery im into the 70th cycle and its getting puffy other then that there awesome ... Wish they where cheaper though lol !!!!

Reviewed by: from Keene NH on 8/25/2012

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