Mondo Xtreme 5.8 GHz RC Transmitter

Part Number: IFTRON-MX-5.8
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Mondo Xtreme 5.8 GHz RC Transmitter
Mondo Xtreme 5.8
Mondo Xtreme 5.8
Mondo Xtreme 5.8
Mondo Xtreme 5.8
Description 1.5 Watts of Iftron's legendary wide-band video power! Packed with advanced, user friendly features

• 2 audio channels - 1 line level, 1 mic auto-level channel
• Thermostatically controlled integral cooling fan
• Cell detector for 3 or 4 cells (2 cell operation not recommended)
• Status reporting by on board LED
• Status broadcast by user configurable audio tones

Please Note: It is common for these FPV Transmitters to get warm to the touch, do not be alarmed. This is a good indication that the unit is working correctly.

Product Details » (pdf/221kb) Iftron Technologies [Shop By Brand]

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Customer Reviews Rating OUTSTANDING!
Outstanding Product! A little hard to balance the gimble because of the weight but I would recommend!

Reviewed by: from Rio de Janeiro on 2/25/2013

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