CineStar-8 Basic Kit

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CineStar-8 Basic Kit
CineStar 8 Basic Kit
CineStar 8 Basic Kit
QC-3328 Motors
QuadroPower 8000mAh Lipo
CineStar 8 Kit Components
Description Parts for the assembly of the CineStar-8 Kopter. Optimized flight performance with QC-3328 motors and APC 14x5.5" propellers. Powered by the Mikrokopter electronics package with MK Flight Control V2.5 and BL v2.0.


Vibration Isolation System
Fully adjustable, patent pending vibration isolation system ensures smooth and stable footage in real life filming conditions.

Camera Gimbal Mounting Plate
Mounting plate allows for quick and easy mounting/un-mounting of the camera gimbal for travel.

Quick Release Booms
CineStar booms disconnect quickly and easily for fast packing and a small footprint. Our customers fly almost as much as the CineStar, and making packing/unpacking easy is a priority.

Top Mounted Battery
In addition to providing ease of access to the battery and optimal CG (center of gravity) for best flight performance, the top mounted battery creates a structural cage around the sensitive flight control electronics.

QC-3328 Motors
Leveraging the experience of top AP professionals and motor designers, the QC3328 is the perfect complement to the CineStar airframe. While the instinct in motors is always "bigger is better, every additional gram you add to the airframe cuts your flight time and limits your payload options. With this in mind, we have created a motor that will easily lift your professional payloads without being wasteful.

Threaded Inserts / Nuts
The CineStar line uses threaded inserts in the carbon fiber plate to make assembly/disassembly a breeze. This design ensures that you only need to hold one tool at a time. Never again will you need to hold a lock nut in place with needle nose pliers in a poorly lit hotel room!

GPS/Navi Mounting Bracket
It is important to keep the sensitive GPS and Navi board away from any stray electromagnetic interference. For this reason, the CineStar includes an optional GPS/Navi mounting bracket that allows you to mount these circuit boards out on a boom away from other electronics.

Landing Gear
The CineStar makes use of a 3 point landing gear system for maximum stability on takeoff and landing. The carbon fiber landing gear is triangulated and extremely rigid, so that it can protect your valuable payloads.

Scope of Delivery:

  • CineStar 8 Carbon Fiber Frame Kit
  • Flight Control V2.5 ME
  • Okto XL Pre-Soldered Bl-Ctrl V2.0 Power Distribution Board
  • QuadroPower 8000/4s Lipo with EC5 Connector
  • 12 Gauge Silicone with EC5 for power leads
  • 4x - APC 14x5.5 Multi-Rotor Propeller Pairs w/adapter rings
  • 8x - QC-3328 Brushless Motors
  • MK USB
  • Molex Cable for receiver
  • R/C JST Style Connectors for LEDs
  • 3x - Flex LED Tape for lighting in blue and red
  • Heat Shrink Wrap for solder joints
  • Red and Black Silicone Wire for lighting
  • 12 Gauge Silicone and EC5 for power lead
  • PCB Extension Set
  • Buzzer Adapter
  • Loctite 222MS Threadlocker
  • Velcro Strap
  • M3x15 Bolts
  • M3 Nuts
  • M3x15 Vibration Dampeners for Flight Control
  • M3x8 Screws
  • M6 Nyloc Nuts
  • Build Guide DVD


CineStar Build Manual Download (V.5) »
CineStar Electronics Assembly »
CineStar Electronics Assembly Part II »
Generic Okto-variant assembly manual »

Tools Needed for Assembly:

JST crimping Tool »
Wire Stripper »
2.5mm Driver »
2.0mm Screwdriver »
5.5mm Socket Driver »
10mm Socket Driver
Soldering Iron
Heat Gun

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Customer Reviews Rating Kit muy completo
El Kit es muy completo, viene todo, solo tienes que comprar las herramientas (destornillador hexagonal, etc). La calidad del frame es espectacular, el acabado del Okto es inmejorable. La única pega, es que te podrían dar a elegir a la hora de comprar el kit si quieres palos (booms) de 450 mm, 500 mm ó 540 mm. Por lo demás es de los mejores Kits que se pueden comprar. Un saludo. Rubén.
Reviewed by: CARLOS R. OLIVAS from Madrid (Spain) on 9/18/2013

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